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Dialog Button

The Dialog Button is a wireless smart device that would fit on your palm, equipped with a press able button that enables you to perform an endless list of tasks ranging from turning the lights off at your house from your office or ordering a taxi.

Often times, we can find ourselves in situations where we may have run out of groceries when we could be urgently in need of them. This can happen because of how it's hard to keep track of the groceries we need as we run out of them, or because of the inconvenience of going to stores and buying them. But at the press of a button, the Dialog Button can bring your groceries to you when you need them. For an instance, get our Dialog Button configured to send an order to have Detergent Powder delivered to you at the press of the button. Keep the button in your laundry room and press the button whenever you realize that you're low on Detergent and then all you will have to do next is receive the package that will be delivered to your door step.

If you're a working parent, then chances are that you will sometimes find yourself busy with a pile of work when it's time to pick your child up from school. Having the Dialog Button configured to order a Pick Me Taxi to a pre-configured location will help you immensely in this situation. All you would have to do it, user our ISayYouDo Platform to create a scenario to have a Pick Me Taxi of your choice (Tuk-Tuk, Cab and etc...) to be ordered to your child's location, at the press of your own Dialog Button. This shall ensure that when you press the Button, a taxi will be sent to pick your child from school.

As mentioned, the Dialog Button can be used to create a vast range of scenarios. The list of actions that could be performed at the press of the Dialog Button will only be limited to your imagination. Not only is the device extremely useful in your day-to-day lives, but it is also easily configurable. To begin, you will only need a Wi-Fi connection, a Dialog Button and your Button to be connected to the Wi-Fi connection, to start automating your tasks in the matter of seconds.

The onboarding of the Dialog Button can be easily done through the Dialog Smartlife App you will be provided with. All you will need to do is follow these 6 simple steps.

  • Open the button configuration app
  • Enter the credentials (SSID, Password) of your home WIFI network
  • Long press the button (approximately 3 seconds) until you hear a beep sound
  • Press the connect button in the app
  • After the app connected to the button, press configure button in the app
  • Wait for the confirmation

After your button is onboarded you can create a SCENE on your Smartlife account that includes your Dialog Button, using all its available options and the action you wish to make it perform and you will be all set.