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Home Automation

Dialog's home automation segment currently comprises of 2 categories configured through Gateways and Directly connected devices.

The Dialog Smart Life App provides you the ability to operate through these devices.

Following are the device Sets

Huawei hub and compatible devices and sensors

  1. Huawei Hub
  2. Temperature and Humidity Sensor
  3. Door/Window sensor
  4. Smart Siren
  5. Smart Socket

Focus Hub and compatible devices and sensors

  1. Focus Hub
  2. Door/Window sensor
  3. PIR sensors

Devices independent of home gateway

  • Oranges Smart Socket
  • Dialog Smart button

Although currently it seems like a basic set of devices, this list will be updated frequently with new devices and sensors.


You also can set up Scenes through the Smart Life app - A scene could be described as an action or a series of actions executed by devices on the trigger of a sensor event.

Example: Once your door sensor triggers you can simply configure the Siren to switch on and send a message to your mobile.

You can also trigger timers to execute actions on any device that is configured to your Smart Life account